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Hey, I am in my third week of nursing school and I am already stumped. We had to do a process recording and I didn't do too well on it. Can somebody give me a website, a book, something to help me to understand what exactly I... Read More

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    We had to do process recordings of 30 minute therapeutic communication with patients in my BSN program. They were required in every single nursing clinical course. I must say, however, that it was stressed that they were to be very academic. We were to put down each thing the patient said and each of our responses. Then, we were attach a name to the type of response we gave and whether it was the best response we could have made. The last column was to give the best correct response (if our actual response had been non-therapeutic) with a reference to the page of an article or textbook supporting it. The conversation had to be regarding the patient's concern of their health and not just shooting the breeze about the weather. In order to recall everything I carried a small tape recorder in my pocket that recorded beautifully. If you do that, however, you need to make sure you get the patient's permission to tape them as well as tell them why you're making the tape in the first place. I suppose the easiest example would be to process a conversation with a patient where you are imparting some teaching with them. The hardest ones are when you are talking with a patient about their feelings and emotions.

    We were also given instructions in the classroom with a practice session on how to do this whole thing of process recordings before we even did one with a patient. There is some preliminary information about therapeutic communication that has to be learned first so you know what you're supposed to be analyzing.

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    Quote from dave1117
    If I remember correctly mine turned into mostly a work of fiction just to do it corectly.
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    I'm supposed to be doing one right now! Came here for some insight. I did have to do one last semester & did OK but the expectations of this semester are quite different! We have to do 2 this semester, and then 4 in 3rd & 4th...ugggghhh
    Not a fan of this process recording stuff AT ALL.
    Anyone have any advice, resources to share?
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    The link doesn't work???

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    There should be an example of one in your textbook.
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    i know i am posting this late, but since this thread has been resurrected, here are some websites i have found on therapeutic communication since i last posted to it. those of you reading this will want to bookmark or take notes off some of these slide shows that are listed. they present really good information that, as i recall from 20 years ago, we had to know for the process recordings i did in my bsn program. i think that all students find these hard to do because you don't normally think about every single word you say to a person which is what a process recording is asking you to do. a 30-minute conversation with a patient can turn into a 50-page nightmare of a process recording (especially if it was taped and you are transcribing it word for word)! - a really nice slide show on therapeutic communication. includes techniques, scenarios and blocks to communication. - guideline on how to prepare an interpersonal process recording from university of north carolina at wilmington school of nursing - therapeutic communication. a discussion about therapeutic communication that includes a nice listing of examples of appropriate open-ended responses to make to patients to get them to talk. - a slide show on therapeutic communication. talks about the components, goals, therapeutic and non-therapeutic thechniques. - communication. a slide show (18 slides) - therapeutic communication skills tutorial page of links to subjects covered - therapeutic communication. some online information and practice modules from the university of north carolina chapel hill school of nursing. click on the links on the left side of the page to access activities.
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    I have read the posts from 2005. Unfortunately the links no longer work. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do a Interpersonal Process Recording. I'm on an RN-BSN online program and the professor requires us to do one, but hasn't given directions on how to do one, just an example of what one looks like. Help!

    Thank you
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    Quote from memryqlts
    i have read the posts from 2005. unfortunately the links no longer work. can anyone give me instructions on how to do a interpersonal process recording. i'm on an rn-bsn online program and the professor requires us to do one, but hasn't given directions on how to do one, just an example of what one looks like. help!

    thank you
    there are some other process recording links on post #38 of this sticky thread: - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms

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