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I have the opportunity to buy the books for my nursing coursework at a substantial discount from someone that graduated last year. The books are all the previous edition from the ones on the semester... Read More

  1. by   on eagles wings
    Quote from cchiaffarelli
    Hey, I was just going to ask what the difference between North American and International Editions were? Thanks for mentioning this, you jogged my memory!!!
    Pretty much only the cover and ISBN!!! From what I've experienced, anyway. The covers are soft and may have a different picture. But the content is the same.
  2. by   Contractor2RN010
    I've also purchased international editions and found that they even included the online access codes. On the other hand I've purchased the books on the school booklist from other vendors and found weren't quite the same as those my classmates purchased at the school even in the same edition. I'd definitely suggest the international edition!