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    I need advice. About two months ago, after my second semester, I failed Pharmacology by less than 2%. As a result of failing, I was dismissed from the ABSN program. I petitioned to enter the traditional program but was denied. The criteria of the denial has still not been shared with me. I pointed out that a classmate of mine also failed a course, but by more than 2%, and that was one credit hour more than Pharmacology, but her petition was accepted. My overall GPA was higher.

    I spoke with the Dean, the Director, and an Academic Advisor and they told me that I have the right to a second appeal. But my question is... why do I feel like something unethical played a role in my petition's denial?

    I am thinking of getting legal advice, but I don't know who to ask. I have also researched other nursing students' experience that have been dismissed and it seems like the consequences of failing one class are extreme. Why can't nursing students just retake the course?

    I have been planning to enroll in nursing school for about 5 years. This was not a decision that was made overnight. I improved my credit score so I could qualify for student loans without a cosigner, quit my job, drove across the country, uprooted my boyfriend to accompany me and left my dogs with my parents just to fulfill my goal of achieving a BSN. And after 2 semesters I was dismissed for being less than 2% short of a passing grade. I don't understand! Why can't I just retake the course in the traditional program?

    Transferring to another nursing school after being dismissed from one is almost impossible. I have over $40K of student loan debt for these two semesters. If allowed entrance in the traditional program I would have just 3 semesters left.

    Is there a nurse attorney that make a case of this? Current nursing school policy to treat their students like their expendable at $20K per semester should be illegal. I feel like universities with policies like these are taking advantage of students. If you are a nurse attorney and are reading this, please help me.
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    If you can apply for a second appeal, I would do so. In your second appeal, it may be wise to not criticize the school, but instead talk about how you will better yourself.

    I would also read the programs handbook again to see what their policies are on appeals. If the handbook states that the reason for the denial of the appeal does not have to be revealed, then you will just have to let that one go. Do you have a reason as to why you think your denial of appeal was unethical? I have not had an experience like this myself but from what I have read, bringing in legal persons is asking for another appeal denial. If you have no proof that the denial was unethical and the school's policy states that they don't have to reveal a reason for the denial then there is really nothing a legal person can do.

    Along with the school's policies, if they stated what you had to do to stay in the program, such as pass pharmacology, then you must do so to keep your spot. Schools may be taking advantage of students with these policies but students go into the programs knowingly (at least they should) that their school has these certain policies. The student must follow the school's policies if s/he wishes to continue in the program.

    Good luck with your appeal.
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