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Precept in MedSurg or ICU?

  1. 0 So I found out I am precepting in Peds. I really wanted to precept in the PICU (which I fell in love with). However, my school placed someone else in the PICU and placed me in MedSurg. Luckily I know the person at the hospital who is placing us in the units and she said OICU is available to go to. SO basically I have the option of going to OICU or MedSurg.

    What do you think would be better as a student? Where would I learn more? Where would I do more? Which would give me better options in the future?
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    I had an externship in ICU and actually chose medsurg for my practicum just to have that experience. I figured it would make me more marketable....I learned A LOT about time management! It was a great experience and very took some time but I finally managed to take care of all 5 patients! Good luck to you!