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Hello all! I have a couple questions for everyone. In my nursing school, we covered IV insertion in lab and we were given 5 "sticks". We were then told any other experience we wanted would... Read More

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    Quote from CecixLI
    Blah! More money down the turlette in my opinion. It's nice to know how to "find veins" but drawing blood from mostly healthy people is completely different from inserting IV's on sick, dehydrated elderly and the non-elderly! And most hospitals have protocols for IV placement and its not in that juicy spot they teach the phlebbies to draw blood from...
    Just because you learn on "juicy" veins, doesn't mean you don't learn to do tough draws later. Our certification program required us to do 125 draws and I did those in the geriatric ward, the psych ward, ER, etc. I rarely had a patient with good veins. I learned very quickly how to deal with dehydrated, elderly patients. Those were the toughest draws to learn, but you end up gaining confidence the more you do. Every program is different, so don't be so quick to dismiss the value of the experience. I think it's helpful prior to nursing school. However, since OP has already completed NS, it would be a waste of time for her to do. Better to get actual experience with IVs and the only way you get that is by doing it.

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