Peer mentorship program... good idea?

  1. Being near graduation in a 4-years BSN program, a few of us decided to make a mentorship program. Basically something like "students helping students". We made a survey among students and found that 80+% of them would appreciate such program.
    We do not have experience with anything like it, and our place never had such a program; we just want to make lives of juniors a little bit less stressful.
    If anybody has such a program in your school, would you please let me know:
    1) the degree your program grads earn (LPN/ADN/BSN)
    2) who is running it (faculty vs. students... we really want to make it as independent from faculty as possible to be free to discuss things like "my instructor just hates me" but not sure if it is even possible)
    3) what insentives are offered for being mentors, if any?
    4) how does it works, in general terms?

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate any help!
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