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Hello, I'm hoping that someone who was (or is) a Passaic county college or Sussex county college nursing student can tell me if you have clinicals 1 or 2 days a week in nursing I, for how long, and how much does it increase... Read More

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    I haven't heard anything so I'm guessing it's a no, although I have a bunch of classmates still waiting as well, some of which have really high gpa's so, I dunno.

    All the best to you.

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    I can't believe you haven't heard anything. Have you called? When I submitted my application in September I asked if everyone would be notified either way and they said yes. I guess since classes don't start till late Jan maybe they feel they still have time to notify people.

    Good luck and keep me posted

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    OK, so, I guess I needed to check my mail box because my acceptance letter was sitting in it that same day.

    Now, I have to figure out if I can even attend...long story. I'm also waiting for another school to reply and then I will know for sure.

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    Congrats D!
    What other school are you looking into attending?
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    UMDNJ. If only they would let me know soon.
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    Cool, is this your 2nd degree?
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    Yeah, it is. I sent my deposit today to hold my spot.
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    Congrats Michelle and Dee!

    Also for some reason, I never got any updates sent to my email, so I've not been on here in a while.

    Did either of you take Microbiology with Prof Areche in the evening at PCCC? I was in that class and I also saw a lot of classmates that got into the evening program. CONGRATS!

    Also, let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with anything.
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    Hi beatrocka,

    Thanks for the congrats
    Isn't it weird that sometimes allnurses will notify you on new posts and sometimes it won't. Anyway, how's it going? You know I like to know anything I can about the program so I want to hear everything How was Nurs II and III? What were the clinicals like? What are the tests like? How many people are left in your class now? I heard a lot of people drop out in the 2nd semester.

    I didn't take micro through PCCC. I did take A&P I and II there though.

    Talk to you soon!
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    Hello, quick question, have any of you guys graduated from the program? plz let me know. thx.