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I have heard a lot of stuff on threads about people taking A&P for three or four times... Im not a natural at science, and im struggling in the class I have now, but Im willing to devote the time to get a good grade.. I want... Read More

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    I attempted to take A&P1 over one summer and this was a 8 week course. Girl let me tell you. I dropped that class real fast. It was 3 days a week and each week it was lecture, quiz, test. Lecture, quiz, test. I found it very stressful. That was without a job. I felt I was memorizing rather than learning it. I took it then in the Fall and got an A. That is just my opinion. I would suggest taking a couple easier pre-req's. Good luck!

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    I took my A & P I, II, III series over the summer last year. I did not work. I was in class M-R approx. 8 to 2. I came home, ate lunch, and studied until my husband came home at 6. Ate dinner, studied until 9. The next morning, I went back to class and took a quiz (every class day). It worked out to be about 30 quizzes. I did nothing else. Read, study, quiz, repeat. Weekend...what weekend?

    It can be done, (I got A's in all three) but it scares me that you are planning on working in addition to the class. Can you study while at work? There were others in my class who worked, but they struggled. The good new is, if you do the work, you can retain the material. I was reviewing a patho book yesterday, and I remember an awful lot, so don't let the retention part scare you. If you learn it once, it will come back to you with review.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make!
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    Ok, well ive decided I am going to register for the fall class.. Thank you guys very much

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