1. Hello everyone,
    New to this so i am sorry if i seem alittle akward. I am in my second semester and working on my care plan. I was wondering if anyone had an input on haw to phrase osteoarthritis in nursing terms not medical diagnosis. I was thinking of using degenerative joint disease. Does this work? Any input would be great! Thanks
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    sure. but that's a medical dx too. so what's the problem? you can use a medical diagnosis as a defining characteristic for your nursing diagnosis. got nanda? go see! does that make sense? can you clarify what's perplexing you?
  4. by   got NANDA
    Thanks GrnTea fro commenting! I am wanting to use it as a related to (etiology)
    EX: Impaired physical mobility r/t degenerative joint disease AEB postural instability
    or Impaired Physical Mobility r/t musculoskeletal impairment AEB postural instability with slowed assisted movements.

    We are being taught that we are to not use any Med dx exception if stated as secondary. So we state a stroke is a neuromuscular impairment, not stroke. Am i making any since yet? Sry been a very busy week with a check off and test tomorrow so my brain is on over load. Thanks again for your time
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    you are being taught a concept that it isn't in line c the nanda, but what the heck, give them what they want. you are doing very well already. but you might want to pull your nanda out and ask your faculty, in a quiet moment, if nanda says you can use a medical dx for a defining characteristic why they say otherwise. i'd be curious to know what they say!