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What planner/organizers have worked for y'all? iPad, iPhone app or paper?... Read More

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    Quote from luvnlfe,LMT

    Me too! Uncalendar is awesome and I always have people asking me about it.
    What makes the Uncalendar different ?

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    Quote from ☮ ♥ and ✚
    Paper, mainly! I swear by Erin Condren Life Planners.
    I've seen the Erin Condren planner before but is it worth spending the money on it?
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    Good day:

    Uncalendar - Home Page is different because it provides a framework for you to create your own calendar, goal, to do list, etc. system no matter when you start.

    Most calendar systems are based on the calendar year... well, what if you just started school on June 18th? There's a lot of wasted paper, material, etc.

    If you go to YouTube and search for uncalender you will see various demos, reviews, etc. so you can see more about it.

    Thank you.
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    I have been using greenroom planners since I started back to school. You can usually find them at Target for about $8.

    -Big blocks to write in for each day
    -Room in the back for notes, contacts, and resources
    -Variety of sizes

    ...and most of all.. very pretty!

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