Ordered stethoscope online..how long does this take normally? Ordered stethoscope online..how long does this take normally? | allnurses

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Ordered stethoscope online..how long does this take normally?

  1. 0 because now I cant get any response from the company. I ordered from stethoscopes.com with my name engraved on it. When I call to check the status, I get a recording telling me to hang up because the customer service inbox is full!!!!!!!! I've emailed and just got the auto-reply. I've called both the toll free number and the long distance number. I only ordered it on 8/24, and emailed them last Thursday to check the status. I was wondering what the turnaround time would be, but now Im getting nervous. Has anyone had problems with this company before? If it normally take 2 weeks, ok, but I would sure feel better if I could talk to someone.

    I paid with my American Excess, uh I mean--American Express card, so I suppose I could fax the stethoscope people a cancel letter and then let Amex know that I want to dispute the charge. But I would just rather have my stethoscope with my name on it
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    Eeek! Not getting a hold of anyone would make me leery. I would probably contact Amex. As for another site, try Redding Medical. http://www.reddingmedical.com/stethoscopes.cfm
    They have been great in all things I have ordered thru them. Beware of All Heart -- although they have great prices, it's any ones guess when things ship.
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    I've had a few great experiences with Stethascope.com. I wonder if the holiday has anything to do with them getting behind on orders. I'd give them another day or two.

    Good luck!! :wink2: