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I do not know whether this question has been asked before on this board, but I am wondering if there is an online BSN program one can do simultaneously while doing their ADN prgoram. I have checked my schools ADN program, and... Read More

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    Yes !!! Please contact with nursing department ... Make an appointment and you go from there !! Good luck

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    Oh and it is recommended on the bsn/man school I want to attends website that all
    Of the prereqs be taken at a cc or university where you live before applying. So that's a plus!
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    Hi! Yes, it is possible to do this in some circumstances depending on where you live. I happen to be in Wyoming, and the University of Wyoming has a special LEAP track whereby Wyoming ADN students may simultaneously pursue the university's online RN-BSN program. I was able to apply to the university program immediately after my ADN application was approved and started taking classes for both programs in the fall of 2010--I just finished my ADN program last month and now have only a few classes remaining to finish the BSN as well, so I am very thankful for the way it has worked out. I do think, though, that this is probably not the norm--I looked at a number of different programs back in 2010, and UW was the only university I could find that allowed early entry like this. (We only have one university in this state, and they go out of their way to work with Wyoming community college students). Good luck!
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    Thank You for your advice. I have already completed all my prerequisites for the BSN & MSN programs.
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    Quote from CBLNurse2Be
    I'm not really sure. But what I have done is: I looked up all of the required courses for the bsn/msn program I would like to bridge to after my ADN and I have been fulfilling those courses. Not everyone likes to take on 13-15 credit hours a semester but it's worth it to me. After this semester I will only be like 5 classes away from completing all of the required classes (besides the nursing ones of course). I'm waiting now to hear if I made it into the ADN program for the Fall. I don't think taking shortcuts is really the way to go. Anyways, after the ADN i will receive my BSN after two semesters since I have those classes done. Good luck! hope you find a solution!
    Thank You for your advice. I have already completed all the prerequisites for BSN & MSN programs.
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    Here in Arizona there's a new program that's called concurrent enrollment. I'll be starting this summer. I was required to have all pre and co-requisite done for both the RN and BSN. I'll be doing the RN program during the day and at the same time, taking my BSN courses on line. After 4 semesters, I'll graduate with my ADN, take the NCLEX, then take one more semester of classes on line before graduation with my BSN. It is very rigorous.(BTW, I did already have a bachelor's but it wasn't required to get into the program.) Here's a link:

    Concurrent Enrollment Program
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    try UT Arlington....they have an online RN to BSN and its only 8 months...
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    Hey Heidi,

    I would LOVE to get your input on your experience with the LEAP program! I start both the ADN program at LCCC and the RN/BSN through UW this fall. I was told time and time again that I would never get into UW this early; that I had to wait to apply until after completing my first year of ADN. Guess I proved that false!
    I have previous bachelors in math and this fall I'm taking Patho at UW and Pharm in the spring.. no actual UW nursing courses yet.. so maybe that's why they let me in at the same time as ADN.. who knows.
    Anyhow like everyone is saying on here, the communication from UW leaves a lot to be desired, so I've had to take the reins on things for the most part.
    What was your experience with all of that? I see you got into both at the same time too and it sounds like you have the same timing with finishing the programs that I hope to have. I have so many questions for you!
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    I have been working on my BSN pre reqs while taking my ADN classes. Yes, it hasn't't been fun to take summer classes while everyone else relaxes BUT I will finish all my pre reqs at the end of my 3rd semester of NS in the fall!! My BSN program of choice will allow me to apply without passing NCLEX but I forfeit my spot if I don't pass by the fall. You may also consider RN to MSN programs and skip your BSN. Look at Vanderbilt's school of nursing...great programs! Some require nursing experience and some do not!

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