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I am entering my nursing program this fall- in a month actually... and I am, in a few words... TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!!! :nailbiting: I don't know what I should be doing at this point! I have... Read More

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    You know this is true. I've been reading some of my book and while it's not like I don't understand what's being said, I do, but without knowing the true application and putting it into action, it's like... ooookaaaay. I don't have anywhere in my brain to hold it yet or anything to connect it to so I'm laying off of that until we start. In the meantime, I'm searching for post and people that are keeping me pumped up. I'm storing this excitement for a rainy day. LOL!!
    Girl keep that positive attitude!!! Just hit the ground running as soon as you start I start back August 22nd! Third semester (whoop whoop), and I am still decently pumped but not quite as much as I was my first day of NS! It makes me so happy to see people going after their dream and getting a college education esp us women! Happy for you!!!
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