older & back to school- for education or money?

  1. I'm almost 47, tired of "the floor". I work in ER, tired of nights, holidays, and weekends. And I do not make a good manager. I do love ER though, but not enough to stay "on the floor". I was thinking of informatics because I think it would pay well, "be off the floor", more reasonable hours, although not all the time and would at least pay what I'm making now. But as an older student, does this make sense? I will have to take out loans, and I am a travel nurse right now so I don't have education benefits. I did try for Cleveland Clinic, but I didn't pass their new strength test- but thats an aggravation for another day.
    Did you go back to school to change career path- to make more money, which what I hope will happen, I'm pretty much at the top now. Or did you go back just to further your education?
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