1. I have been told to NOT put a possible stroke victim on an O2 ventillator. Is this true and why? I figured you would want them on an O2 ventillator to increase the oxygen.
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  3. by   medic9872
    Probably because high levels of o2 or hyperventilation can cause vasodilation, which could make the stroke worse of its hemorrhagic.
  4. by   Esme12
    What exactly do you mean by a 02 ventilator? What exactly are you asking. If your stroke is not breathing they need to be intubated (breathing tube inserted) and placed on a ventilator. Did you mean "hyperventilation" and CVA? What do you mean by ventilator?

    Too much O2 doesn't cause vasodilation, per se.... Hyperventilation is the blowing off of excess CO2 (as well as the "sometimes" administration of excess amount of O2). Initially the lowering of CO2 will help to decrease the intracranial pressure and will cause an initial decrease of intracranial pressure.....but will increase the intracranial pressure if CO2 dropped too low and for extended periods of time.
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  5. by   rowdysmomma
    I should have said oxygen concentrator not ventillator. The possible stroke victom was breathing fine and not in respiratory distress at the time I was told not to put the patient on a concentrator. I was just curious as to why a possible stoke victim who is breathing normally at the moment would not need an oxygen concentrator.

    Thank you