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Many will be starting nursing school for the first time this year. Do you have any tips to share? Macaroni and cheese and hot sauce?? Yikes! Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share... Read More

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    If you're a good notetaker, you don't need to record lectures. I never recorded them ... I listened once, took notes and moved forward. For me, listening to the same lecture twice was a waste of my study time. I was more productive rereading my own notes and doing practice questions. The only time I listened to recorded lectures was when I could not make the lecture and I had a classmate send me their mp3 recording. I would sit, listen, take notes, delete.
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    Make concept maps and draw pictures...even if you are not artistic these will can do this for pharmacology too...and peppermint candies during studying, lecture and tests (sensory memory)....Sonic Neuro drink on the way to class...
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    Do you have someone that makes all these cartoons for you or are you the deigner of them?
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    wow that is inspiring. I am in my first semester of nursing school and I am 45 will be 47 when I get my RN license. I know it wont be easy and not sure how to react to the way every one worries about the stresses of nursing school. BUt I believe that through Christ all things are possible. Thanks
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    This is my first semester in nursing school and our lecture professor doesn't allow recording her either
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    This is my first semester in nursing school and our lecture professor doesn't allow recording her either <br>
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    Mac and cheese and hot sauce...I'm gonna have to try that!
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    Try to get enough sleep as always. Flee from bad habits in order for you not to lose your focus.
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    proud to be nursing student <3
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    For me, it would most likely be ramen.

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