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Hello. This problem I am having may need quite a long introduction, but I will summarize as best as I can. What I need is genuine advice. Last year I was a very hard working student and I got a 4.0 GPA and go accepted into my... Read More

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    Earphones, studying in a busy place (my house!) where the background noise becomes white noise, and meditating have
    all helped me study. And I would definitely recommend trying to work with resident housing to get your own room, or
    look for an off campus apartment where you can be by yourself. People do move out, drop out, etc. all the time and
    space opens up. I was an RA and I always had less residents in the spring semester.

    Side note and advance warning: You will most likely need a car to get to the clinical sites of your nursing program. I biked and used public transit when I could, but I still had to drive sometimes to get to the hospitals. At the very least, you will have to think about carpooling.

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