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Nursing school interview

  1. 0 I am going to the interview on feb for RN program at a nursing school. I wasn't accepted last time because they only accepted 60 people, even though they said my gpa only need to be 2.0 and i don't need to get any requirements done before accepting to sschool. but anyway i didn't get accepted, i want to try one more time this time. I am really nervous because there are tons of other students are better than me. I always feel that i am going to fail agaiin. does anyone has any idea about what questions they going to ask in the interview?
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    They typically ask you about why you are interested in nursing, what do you think is going to be difficult/easy for you in nursing, what are some of the important things that nurses do?

    Now, most programs say that you need a minimum GPA of 2.0-2.5, however, no school will actually accept a student with that GPA because there are tons of students well above 3.0. Nursing programs are competetive. Good luck!
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    Know the real answers to those questions. If you say, "They relieve pain and suffering," that's not enough. "I always wanted to be a nurse, my auntie/mom/grandma was a nurse" is not going to get you anywhere. "I think bedpans and vomit would be hard." FAIL.

    Give them some evidence that you have a realistic idea of the responsibilities of a nurse in the profession beyond TV and Cherry Ames. If you want a good TV portrayal of nursing's autonomous responsibilities, joys, and fears, check out "Call the Midwife" from the BBC, available online at the PBS website.