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After struggling to get into nursing school (6 years, co-reqs plus pre-reqs while working) I finally succeeded! I started this fall and learned quickly how much more difficult it was than I could ever realize until I actually... Read More

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    Why do you need to say anything at all? It's nobody's business!!!! I'm sorry I just can't get into explaining to people things that they don't need to know. Just keep going along like you've been. Best of luck to you and God Bless!

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    Quote from CheesePotato
    KAnd frankly, you don't have to tell them anything out right. I would wait for them to ask. Why blab your business? Unless of course, it is something outlandish and amusing. In which case, as a people watcher and connoisseur of weird human behavior, I whole heartedly encourage you to proceed.May I suggest something along the following:Yesterday I tried to flush my pet octopus down the toilet while yelling "Release the Kraken!!" Now I have a rotting, dead octopus clogging my drain. Hey, has anyone seen my bandage scissors?Oh yes, something like that would do nicely.~~CP~~Bad spelling is bad. I have no excuse. ::leers at raging, frothing laptop::
    I was going to reply, but can't stop laughing. This is the funniest thing I've read all month. I don't even remember what I wanted to say, but it doesn't really matter. No other answer could possibly top one that contains a kraken.Aside from being hilarious, this post has good, solid advice, OP. Hold your head high, regroup, and ace it the next time. You owe no one an explanation.
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    Well what I have learned in the many yrs of nursing I have been in....was to be honest. Not only with yourself but with others. It takes a stronger person to be truthful and in the end you will be a far better nurse (and person). Dont be ashamed to say what happened...things happen. Be happy it wasnt a real person and a drug error happened. Of course I know several nurses that have done harm like that to patients...and I had to testify in court...not fun at all...

    good luck to you...and no worries you will get through this and Dec
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    I contacted the director of the school for advise regarding my checkoff (She was present at the last one) and she gave me good pointers regarding what I should work on. I did ask about the primary instructor being the primary for a second time at it~~my understanding it was supposed to be a different one (I had three instructors) but have yet to get a response on that question. I am not holding my breathe for a few reasons:
    #1--It is all said and done
    #2--I have no idea what it would mean in regards to my checkoff anyway (in fantasy land a 4th checkoff that I would surpass with rainbows! LOL)
    For now, I have enrolled in English Comp II~~I will need it for my BSN down the road and I feel it will keep me in focus/student mode while I continue practing my checkoffs as prep for next semester.
    I have only told a precious few at work regarding my situation--none of them will say anything unless I give the go ahead but they all agree it is no one's business and to just say that I am graduating in December/2014. (I know the question of "Aren't you a Level 2 now?" will probably come up next semester and I thinking I will take above advice from y'all and just say "Not yet, had to redo a few things to make sure I had it down right!" with a smile and leave it at that--Honest without a lot of detail)
    A bummer note: I got booted off of the social page for my prior class--I get it but it still was like getting grazed by a bullet, this just happened last week! I will definately keep posting/replying to it is really helpful and supportive!
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    Meh. I'm not so good at keeping things under wraps, being one of those overly sincere sorts. So EVERYONE in my life (ok, so its not a huge group) knows how stressed I am. So if something happened with a class, I'd just be able to tell them, even the people with whom I work. And I guess I would sort of expect, if not their active support, at least some tacit understanding. Because if that happened to anyone else, I'd certainly be understanding and supportive. Anyway, a lot of times I'm harder on myself than other people are on me.

    By the way, you ALSO may be giving yourself a more difficult time than others would. Just sayin'
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    I agree! I'm still laughing about the kraken and as someone in nursing school currently that was awesome advice CP. I only wish you had mentioned something about psychotic instructors and I'd be set.

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