Nursing Diagnoses for Meningitis

  1. Lets say a patient has Bacterial Meningitis and these were some diagnoses. Which one is the number one priority?
    Acute Pain
    High Risk for Injury
    Risk for Ineffective Cerebral Tissue Perfusion
    Risk for Trauma/Suffocation
    Risk for Infection

    (1) FVD (2) Hyperthermia (3) Acute Pain (4)Risk 4 ineffective cerebral tissue perfusion (5) High risk 4 injury (6) Risk for Trauma/Suffocation (7) Risk 4 infection (8) KD Is this right?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    (1) fvd (2) hyperthermia (3) acute pain (4)risk 4 ineffective cerebral tissue perfusion (5) high risk 4 injury (6) risk for trauma/suffocation (7) risk 4 infection (8) kd is this right?
    no. i have sequenced them and given you my reasons below. many of them are not the current nanda labels. some are labels not even approved by nanda. that makes it difficult to determine priority, especially with risk for trauma/suffocation which is, on one hand, very vague (trauma) and, on the other, very specific (suffocation--involving breathing and oxygen). i would never compose a diagnosis like this.
    1. deficient fluid volume (physiological need for fluid)
    2. hyperthermia (physiological need for control of body temperature)
    3. acute pain (physiological need for comfort)
    4. deficient knowledge (safety need)
    5. risk for ineffective cerebral tissue perfusion (anticipated need for oxygen to the brain)
    6. risk for trauma/suffocation (anticipated need for oxygen to the lungs--trumps the anticipated need for protection)
    7. risk for infection (anticipated need for physiological safety)
    8. high risk for injury (anticipated need for protection)