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Hello there, I would really like some input. I am a Sophomore and just finishing my first year in the nursing program. I have lived in the dorms both years here where I am going to school, and next year I am finally moving off... Read More

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    Okay, I have the webpage of the desk favorited so I can check it daily because I do not want to miss that good deal! Haha, and oh yeah I bet. My finals are in 2 weeks! You can just take a picture of the desk and then upload it to and then it will just generate a link for you to sent to me! Super easy! Whenever you get the chance I'd appreciate it so much you're awesome!
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    If you're in a decently populated area, I highly suggest checking Craigslist. I've found my last 3 desks on there, and haven't paid more than 50 for any of them. There's usually a better selection than any store, too!
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    Did you check craigslist? I have a huge oak roll top desk and I got it for $60 on craigslist. They sell for about $2000 brand new!

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    Thanks for the comments - both of you! Yes, I have looked into Craigslist and in my area there aren't many good desks for sale right now at this very moment. I actually had a deal worked up with someone to purchase a desk - but they pulled a fast one on me and sold it to someone else before I even had the chance to go and see it. I REALLY want an L-shaped desk with a lot of space so I am kind of picky That is why I keep pursuing this Office Depot one!

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