No one to practice blood pressures on :( What can I do?

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    I'm kind of the "black sheep" of my program... Maybe one or two people I confide in, but I'm certainly not a "social butterfly", and some of my social awkwardness makes it hard for people to want to get to know me (which I can understand)

    This would all be fine to me, bar one thing: I have less people to practice things on.

    My parents just find it annoying when I practice on them, so that's no good either.

    How can I get more practice in?

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    It's kind of rude that your parents would find it annoying to practice on them...they should be supporting you. I start next semester & already asked my bf if I could do everything on him lol and our kids too. Sometimes it's hard to make friends..try to start talking to some of your classmates. You're all in the same boat..nobody is better than the other & you're all working for the same goal. I worry about that sometimes too but I'm going to try to make a couple good friends as well. Hang in there!
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    You can also practice on yourself. I've done that a few times(practicing for my CNA boards awhile back). It was weird, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Good luck and i'm sorry your parents are this way. My parents would let me practice this on them, but nothing more. I asked if I could do IVs on them, etc. and I got a answer of "hell no."

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