NLN written skills test study help

  1. 0 I received an email from my advisor at the college I will be attending. I have to take a skills written test this summer.

    I need to prepare for the written test. That will cover the
    med/surg and fundamental skills you had. The test
    is an NLN test, all multiple choice.

    Do I reread all my MS notes & fundaments books over, I have not done any nursing skills in over a year ( I relocated to IN and am being allowed to test out of certain subjects I was in an LPN program at a Tech school)

    Time is flying by & I dont know where to start. If I pass this I can start the clinical classes in January. I HAVE to pass this...
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    would the Lippencotts & Saunders review books (PN) be good enough to study from for an RN level test?
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    Originally posted by Lisa1970
    would the Lippencotts & Saunders review books (PN) be good enough to study from for an RN level test?
    Lisa, hi! Could you call your school and ask them if they have any suggestions for studying for your NLN. When I took the NLN for the 1st school I was accepted at, it was Med/Surg, Basic Pharmacology, and Fundamentals. The thing to be careful on is, in what capacity do you think in, i.e. are you to answer the way an LPN would do or an RN, so ask this question too. Do you know anyone from your school or has gone to the school who has taken it? The NLN has a study guide that can be bought as well. Much success to you!
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    I am assuming that since I am enrolling in an ASN program they are wanting me to answer as a RN. My Nclex books are of the PN level. I will though ask tomorrow. I was told that it was the NLN test for fundamentals.

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