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Hey folks. I am scheduled to take my exam on Jan. 8th and I was wondering if anyone else used the McGraw-Hills "Nursing School Entrance Exams" book for study material. If so, how did you do on the exam, did you find the study... Read More

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    Hi, do you mind sharing your study guide. I am one of those battling to get high score on the English. I am cool with science and math. Am about to take the exam for the 3rd time. This March. My last composite percentile was 86.
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    Quote from janachi
    This testing is crazy. I have taken it twice already and getting ready to take it for the third and last time. The math and science were good for both times but English portion has proved to be a problem for me. Its a second language and just getting to get a higher score seems to be impossibln the composite percentile. I find this to be unfair. The English (words used in the test)its not even something you can used when holding a normal conversation. Most of those words one will need a dictionary to know the meaning. I wish some of these colleges can be considerate in making their choices and use the right criteria. One can score high on that exam only and have a GPA of 2.5 and one can have a GPA of 4 and a percentile score of 86 and cant be admitted into the spring quarter of 2011. This is so unfair. colleges please be considerate.
    Is it possible for you to apply to programs that do not weigh the exam score so highly and give more weight to pre- and co-requisite GPA? Why not apply to these other programs?
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    Vocab-I have been studying the GRE Flas cards. they are really helpful. I do five words a day and use quizes.

    I have been studying for 3 months on and off and have missed out on all the sciences. lol. have focused on english. I have the nln test from the website. on sale at barnes and noble-how should i study this book? sit and read for a couple of hours? how the the physics i am so scared about that-was there a lot of physics on the exam? Its been five yrs after high school and i was A in math and not i cant add or subtract without calc. Can you believe the HESI allowed calcs! anyway please suggest on how to study. I have a month left. Can a month be enough to study? To those that have retaken the NLN didnt you have to wait some time in between the test? Please let me know in case I may have to retake.
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    I am scheduled to take this test for the first time on Sept 24th. I was curious if anyone has taken it lately has any advice, any info on their experience and how they did. Any tips you can give would be helpful, I heard they updated the test. Thanks!!
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    Hello, I just took this test tonight. Let me tell you, I've been crying like a baby since I left the building. I too, feel a little betrayed by the NLN study guide, as I feel the material didn't pertain in either the math nor the science sections. I studied my butt off the past couple months, went & took a math class to brush up (since it's been 10 years since highschool), & I even took a physics class. I finished both courses just a couple months ago so, trust me, it's fresh in my mind. I've never taken physics, which is why I took that class. There's ALOT of physics on this test. The time limit really got me. I should mention, this is the SECOND time I'm taking the NLN. The first time I was in the 76%tile; this time, who knows. I nearly broke down crying mid-test tonight. Some advice: study roots, prefixes, & suffix's. It'll help cancel out some answers. For math: Print out worksheets from different levels of math & PRACTICE & DRILL your butt off. For science: focus on basics of A&P, acids/bases, reactions, electricity, waves, primary consumer/secondary consumer, GRAPHS (all kinds), WAVES, etc. That's what I saw most of. Trust me, don't just count on this book. Go to websites and quiz the crap out of yourself. The website I used that helped me:; it has tons of quizzes. Also,,,, etc is great for easy explanations! All that I've ever wanted to be in my life was a nurse. I've seen people get into the program b/c of a 99%tile but, they were NOT comforting, respectful, loving, caring people when they were in my CNA class w/ me. They wouldn't touch poop, blood, puss, urine, etc, yet, there they are, in the program. I find it very unfair, & not very smart of the schools to except just based on an exam score that is made mostly up of information that doesn't pertain to nursing. It's unfortunate. I wish all of us who care enough & have wanted this enough (for the right reasons), to look up all this info on this allnurses site, the best of luck. We deserve it! Breathe, be confident & know that you CAN do it. Take care
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    Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks for the Info Heidi. All I need is a 70% to get in, so I hope to get enough info in my brain to do so, LOL. Let us know what score you received when you get it! You may have done better than you think!
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    Its weird cause I have seen alot of people who took the NLN say the math in the study guide was pretty much exactly like the book.
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    I took the entire Science section in the NLN RN Pre-admission study guide, and turned it into flash cards, sentence by sentence. If anyone wants to use them, here they are:
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    Have you taken the test yet PedsHopeful? I am taking it in December. I am using your flashcards to study for science now! Thank you so much!!!


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