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New ADN student/salary

  1. 0 Hello everyone I am new to this website (this is my first post). I am actually an ADN student at Bauder College and I am so full of questions. I am scheduled to complete my program 11/27/12 and I am just as excited as I am nervous . Some of my questions are, what can I REALLY expect for a starting salary? What can I expect on the NCLEX? What portions of my schooling should I focus on the most? What questions SHOULD I ask? Pls provide any advice that you may have. I am very much interested and I will take HEED to all advice provided. Thanks in advance!
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    well i dont have much advice to offer you excep tfor maybe trying to post this under your States discussion section under the Region tab. every state has different starting salaries for new grads. good luck =]
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    Okay, will do (copying to paste right now), thanks for responding!
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    how through are you with the program? please give us some feedbacks