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Hey guys, I searched through but couldn't find many threads on this. We have computer labs all over campus, but I do my best note taking when typing. I have a 17.6 laptop that is massive and used as a "home" computer so I set out... Read More

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    I love mine! I would recommend getting one with a 6 cell battery if power sources are an issue at your school - I can go all day without needing to find a plug in. I avoid the need for a flash drive by using Dropbox (do a Goggle search) for all of my school files.

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    I am thinking about getting the netbook too! I think it could be a great help, especially since it is so small and lightweight!
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    I ended up getting one and I like it so far. The only problem is the up arrow key is getting popped in and out of the track - an obvious flaw with this particular one they gave me. To exchange it, I have to drive back an hour and a half BOTH ways - so I am hoping Best Buy will send me one and let me ship this one back. It'll still be a pain seeing as how I'll have to reinstall everything.

    But overall, the HP 210 mini I got ended up costing 350 after tax plus 22 for a nice padded sleeve. A little pricey, but the screen resolution is very good, it's not super sluggish if only doing a few tasks at a time, and it's very quiet and doesn't seem to overheat easily on a table top. The other laptops I was looking at were in the 7-800 range. I didn't get a warranty yet since it's covered with a year under HP and I can upgrade to a longer one through them if I want to during that time.

    I'm going to try it - since I have up to 14 days to return and see if I'm actually utilizing it a lot. If not, back it goes. It's really pretty and I like it, but if I don't use it it'll be a 370 dollar piece of cuteness wasted =).

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