Need help With Med Surg. Any advice that can be provided?

  1. 0 I unfortunately failed med surg. Luckily, I am taking it over again. As I am organizing my notes, and hearing recordings from the previous lectures before school starts, I feel like it is not enough. So far I decided to purchase books by pearsons and saunders. I will make time to use the practice questions in the CD. Are there any other suggestions that can be given to me to help out? perhaps websites, youtube videos or audio files I should check out online? Hope to hear feedback soon, I really want to aim for an A!
    Note: if it helps, my class will start with lectures on Diabetes first.
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    Books by MaryAnn Hogan have been extremely helpful to me.
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    going to look them up on amazon. Thanks!
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    I bought the Success Med-surg book. I haven't had time to use it yet, but I liked the Success Fundamentals book I had.

    Also, what did you struggle with the last time you took med-surg? Focus on those aspects, and you should have an idea of what is expected of you. If you had trouble with assessments, find youtube videos, google search, etc.
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    Just bought the book, I heard good reviews about it, I really like the questions are set up. Thank you! time to practice!

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