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Need Help with NANADA Newborn Nursing Diagnosis

  1. 0 I have one nanda nursing diagnosis of risk for SIDS. I just would like to know if this next nursing diagnosis is NANDA approved or where i could find that info, all my care plan books are not helping me right now. The nursing diagnosis is: Ineffective bonding R/T lack of experience AEB delayed feedings secondary to age. If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.
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    Here's a good website to help with NANDAs.
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    Try Risk for Impaired Attachment. Definition: disruption of the interactive process between parent/significant other and child/infant that fosters the development of a protective and nurturing reciprocal relationship.

    There is also (Risk for) Disorganized Infant Behavior used. It is one of the coping diagnoses. Definition: disintegrated physiological and neurobehavioral responses of infant to the environment.
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    thanks so much to both of you!!!