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Does anyone have any study tips for pathophysiology? I struggled with the 1st semester and now I am REALLY struggling with the 2nd semester.Please Help! Thanks.... Read More

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    This is a great thread - thanks! I finished A & P about 18 months ago and will be starting my program this summer, so I've been wondering what the best way to go about preparing is. I think I'll get a coloring book and start there.

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    I'm intrigued by the structure of your program. Would your pathophysiology classes be equivalent to other programs' adult med/surg classes? I think I would cry if I had 2 semesters of pathophysiology only, but we have adult med/surg for 2 semesters where we apply our pre-req pathophysiology information to the nursing process that would be involved with each condition. We do get more in depth in each topic (in my opinion-- I did take it online, and by in depth, I mean in how it relates to nursing) than we did in pathophysiology, but its building off the information we got in the pre-req patho, if that makes sense.
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    Patho clicked for me when I was in clinicals. Seeing the physical manifestations of CHF coupled with what I knew from class drove it home. However that can be difficult if you aren't in clinicals yet :/

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