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Need Advice on Choosing Capstone

  1. 0 Hi,
    I am having a hard time deciding where to do my capstone. I have this summer to decide but am very confused on how to determine where to do it. I've been told do it on a unit you want to do but will never get to do or just do whatever you want. Well first, I am a very terrible decisive person. Here are my dilemas.

    1) After a certain crisis and vision (I know odd), I had I was determined to do Pediatric Oncology however....
    2) My husband and I are planning on moving to rural location after I graduate from nursing school so there won't be such a unit as Pediatric Oncology...... so then I got myself asking, should I do Med/Surg to benefit me for a job when I move to this place?
    3) Now last dilema, I have very much enjoyed my L&D clinicals and would be planning on doing my Women's Nurse Practitioner/ Nurse Midwife in the near future so that is another option...ugh

    So if there is any advice from anyone that would sooooooo much appreciated. I would be very grateful.
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    How about a combo of your situations described above? What about access to prenatal care for pregnant women in rural areas? I come from a rural area, and there is no such thing as a free clinic, unemployment is higher than the national average historically, and a there is lack of health benefits for those who do have a job. Also, first pregnancy at a young age is also common. (Some of my high school friends are already grandparents.)

    There has to be something in that overall situation that would create a good, unique capstone. Good luck to you.
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    Thank you very much for your advice