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I started out this semester with a lot of confidence. After all, I was pretty much a straight A student up until now. I had heard how nursing school is totally different from other classes but I... Read More

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    Thanks for the advice and sharing your story. I have not started nursing school yet. I am on my last two classes of the pre reqs and I have never been an A student. I always end with B's and C's and I know that is not acceptable for the RN program. I am trying to figure out different study skills that will work for me so I can get A's in my last two classes. Thanks again for sharing
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    Thank you so much and may the rest of your schooling go just as you plan. Merry Christmas!!
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    I loved reading this article! I responded to your why I want to be a nurse article too. It sounds like we have a lot in common. I play World of Warcraft too with my husband. I'm still a pre-nursing student though, waiting to get into a program here in Georgia, but I can't wait. I've definitely worried about how to deal with studying and tests in Nursing school too. I also worry about whether I will take the dummies seriously as real people and I'm really looking forward to clinicals. I've seen so many articles now on how recording lectures has been very helpful for studying and now I'm definitely hooked on trying it when classes start again. Your idea of listening during Wow time is awesome, I will definitely give that a go. Thank you for taking the time to write your article
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    Sorry OkNurse2Be, it's not letting me respond to your private messages because I haven't posted many of my own I guess, lol. My battletag is Tanalore#1280, see you in Azeroth
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    Quote from tanalore145
    Sorry OkNurse2Be, it's not letting me respond to your private messages because I haven't posted many of my own I guess, lol. My battletag is Tanalore#1280, see you in Azeroth
    Funny, I still got your PM. Silly AN.
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    You are "Spot On".....I just finished my first semester and totally agree with everything you said! The only other thing I would add according to my nursing program.....prepare to not cook or clean; prepare to NOT be informed about what is going on in the world; prepare to read nothing but your text book!

    I thought people were exaggerating when they talked about our nursing program....NO!!! They were NOT! And I cannot force the point enough....the WAY you study will be completely different than anything you have done before!!!
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    Thank you, OP, for this post! I am starting my RN program in January, and I, too, have been a straight A student.... but "book-learning" is my forte, and I am nervous about the practical aspects and critical thinking.

    I will re-read this post after my current finals for tips on the proper attitude for me to take. I know I need to let go of wanting straight A's on tests... but I have been looking for constructive suggestions on attitudes/habits to add.

    Thanks for your suggestions, and I think I may run out and get a voice recorder!!!
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    Thank you for sharing these helpful insights. All the best for your upcoming semesters.
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    Wow thanks for suggesting these books, just checked them out. I am def getting them as I start nursing school in Jan 2013. Do you know if they are useful throughout Nursing school?
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    @oknurse2be. I want to thank you for your posts. They are very helpful. I am new to this forum so I might have missed this. But can you post what a typical WEEK for nursing students can consist of? Lecture,lab,clinicals,study,study groups,family time? I'm trying to get a realistic look into whats coming if I'm accepted into the 2013 RN program At OCCC
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    It varies from semester to semester, but in NP1 you will have 4 weeks of lab 2 times a week and then the next 6 weeks with lab once per week. Lectures are 2 days a week, 3 hours each time. Clinicals don't start until about week 8, and you will do 3 weeks in a LTC facility and the rest in hospital. Clinical is only one day per week as well. You will be VERY overwhelmed in the beginning, but as you get into the groove of things, you learn how to balance everything. Study groups are essential, and there is a mentorship program as well. Use all your resources. The load varies from week to week depending on what is going on, exams, assignments etc... Good Luck!!!
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    @oknurse2be. Thank again this is great info! I will definitely look into a mentorship program that sounds like it would be great!! I know your finishing up NP2 now, I'm excited to see what you post about that semester I look forward to all your post. Your so knowledgable about nursing school stuff. thanks again!! Any and all info is greatly appreciated!

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