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I start my nursing program this January, and I'm in the process of getting prepared. I've got the uniforms, the shoes, the stethoscope, most of the books, and all of the office supplies. I'm in... Read More

  1. by   ChrisMarie09
    Whoever asked about pens, I use cheapo ones for notes. I don't know what brand they are because they're so cheap it doesn't even say. They're capped (I will click a click pen for the entire lecture if I have it). For documenting things at clinical I spend more. I look for ones that write smooth but don't bleed through and are a click pen. Right now I'm using a BIC Atlantis and I'm really liking it.
  2. by   Etrips
    Quote from FDW630
    Anyone know of any good apps for smart phones that have been really helpful? I never thought to make use of my phone!
    -Epocrates for random medical information, conversions, etc
    -Anki or Studyblue for flashcards
    -Random NCLEX type apps to study from while waiting in line (Lippincott, etc)
    -Voice recorder to record lectures. Then listen to lectures on my commute.
  3. by   jtboog2003
    Quote from pagaaruga
    Hate to spoil your techie needs,but during our times, or from we were from, we only relied on a few critical things and conditions and those are our brain, a constant need for research and knowledge and a healthy, physically fit body. All these contribute to a balanced well being of our nurses. We don't have time to pull up gadgets when we need information,all of them are stored in our brains,in cases of emergencies, by the time you pull out your gadget for info, if you don't know nursing info by heart, the patient would have died.I hate to be a spoil sport, but knowledge is to be learned by heart not to be stored somewhere else, show your patients that you rely on these gadgets for references, they will ask for a different nurse to take care of them, one who knows what to do by heart.And to make a fool of yourself, try taking a full hour dictations from your professor using your gadget , you'll get cramps on both thumbs.
    I'm not sure what you mean by making a fool of yourself and trying to take an hour dictation without getting cramps in both thumbs. I take 6 hour dictation on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 3 hr. dictation on Weds. I have a keyboard with my iPad, and never had any cramps in any fingers. How is it any differ between using a gadget to type dictation, and handwriting them? Either way you are using your hands.

    And no your generation may not use gadgets as you say but there are paper reference materials all over for nurses to reference. Not everyone knows everything, and I have seen many use the books at their facility. That doesn't make a person stupid or mean that people don't know any information. You may use it to aid you with something you may be unsure of. Whether you use an iPod, cell phone, ipad, or a paperback book to do so shouldn't matter.
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  4. by   Elladora
    I do the looseleaf-to-spiral bound thing too. I know that works for me, Im just worried that it wont be practical with the volume of work in the program!
    I had a trapper type binder that I kept. Stuck loose leaf paper (for notes) and handouts from each class in it. At the end of each semester, I pulled everything out and put it in a labeled folder that went in a tote. By the end of each semester, my trapper would get FULL but never so much so I couldn't use it. Kind of nerdy, but I knew if I had my trapper with me, I had EVERYTHING I needed for class. I also could go back and find old information easily enough if I needed to.

    As for the pen discussion, my current favorites are the Bic for Her pens. I like the Inkjoys but they seemed to run out WAY too fast. And agreed, some of the BEST pens are the free ones.
  5. by   ShaunaJaNae777
    I have an IPad and it is honestly the best gadget I could have bought myself. I use it every day for school and personal use (I'm using it to ype this right now lol). I have an app for everything like making electronic flashcards. Sending anything I create to my email for backup takes only seconds. I LOVE my iPad for note taking. I can type much faster than I write and the keyboard is super big so it's not a pain to type on for long periods.
  6. by   RNpearls1908
    Hey I just looked into this Livesribe Pen and it looks amazing and a great time saver. I am going to purchase this as opposed to a new ipad or galaxy tablet. Thank you for sharing this. I never knew such a device existed that did so much lol
  7. by   crebs
    I got your email but couldn't reply because I don't have 15 posts yet. The livescribe does require special paper, but it's so worth it. I say just get it and try it out. You'll see what I'm talking about.
  8. by   turnforthenurse
    Definitely an iPod, iPhone or other smart phone. A netbook/laptop would be nice but if you're thinking about bringing it to class, make sure you check with your school/instructor's policy. Computers were prohibited during my nursing classes. In my other classes (non-nursing) I found them to be distracting. I brought my laptop to one of my classes once and I didn't pay attention in lecture...I just sat on Facebook the entire time I prefer to write down information as opposed to typing - I'm more likely to retain information that way.
  9. by   Raggmop02
    Hey jtboog2003,
    I know this is an older post but was just wondering what note taking app you used. I have not found one yet that has impressed me much. Thanks for your reply.


    QUOTE=jtboog2003;6975418]I just wanted to add: a lot of you say how you love your paper notes and highlighting, and I was the EXACT same way. I thought taking notes on my iPad would be really weird and distracting since i always used paper. It isn't. I take notes right on my electronic paper just like you do in your notebook or powerpoints. I highlight on my iPad just as you do on paper. I can have the teachers notes as well as my own all under a single folder.

    I just wanted to add that because it doesn't seem that some people are not fully aware of what note taking on the iPad really consists of. It may not be for you and that's fine, everyone learns differently and prefers their own thing. But you can do basically the exact same things as you can by using pen and paper as you can on the iPad. I can record, highlight, add text, underline, add pics, etc. to notes that were made by my professors. Or just make my own notes.[/QUOTE]
  10. by   Austincb
    I love, love, love my ipad! I bought a wireless printer and print my notes off when I get home. My notes also sync to google drive so they're backed up and I can pull them off to work on a computer at school if I need to. For me it's so much faster and more efficient, I don't miss things the instructor is saying because I can type faster than I write.
  11. by   ImKosher
    Must have gadgets? I would say look for the cheapest "intel 3, 5, or 7" laptop you can find and subscribe to the new 4-year student discount for Office 2013. I also have a voice recorder that I use, but I have found that I do not listen to it as much as I should. I have a smartphone for quick reference. That's about all I need to get through these lectures.

    You just need to find out your learning style and learn how to take notes in a way you will retain.

    Here's my bag when I go to school daily:
    +Samsung i3 (intel) laptop
    -Office 2013 4-year subscription (79.99 for 4 years!)
    -David Drug Guide online subsription (got this with book purchase-free for 1 year)
    -David Lab Comprehensive Manual online (free 1 year with book)
    -Taber's Manual online subcription (free 1 year with book)
    +Main text books
    +Saunders Comprehensive review (great!!)
    -Saunders CD (a great NCLEX review tool)
    +Ackley Nursing Diagnosis
    +Sony Voice Recorder ($50 with the sd card expansion)

    IMO that's all you need. I have an iPad but I don't feel it's as efficient as a laptop in regards to battery, processing, memory, accessibility, and fuinctionality.