Medication abbreviation "MR"?

  1. My patient has a prescription for temazepam 15mg. The prescription says "PO HS PRN MR x 1 for sleep". What the heck is MR? I understand the mouth at bedtime as needed times 1, but the MR has got me confused. All of the abbreviation websites I have gone to suggest things that are obviously wrong: mental retardation, medical record, etc. Does anyone know what this means? It's driving me crazy!
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  3. by   INLPN93
    may repeat x 1.
  4. by   sandyfeet
    Phew! A million kudos to you...I knew it had to be something obvious, which just made the search more annoying! Thank you!
  5. by   Meriwhen
    In my experience, MR usually stands for "May Repeat" or "Mental Retardation". In your case, it's "May Repeat"