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Medication abbreviation "MR"?

  1. 0 My patient has a prescription for temazepam 15mg. The prescription says "PO HS PRN MR x 1 for sleep". What the heck is MR? I understand the mouth at bedtime as needed times 1, but the MR has got me confused. All of the abbreviation websites I have gone to suggest things that are obviously wrong: mental retardation, medical record, etc. Does anyone know what this means? It's driving me crazy!
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    may repeat x 1.
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    Phew! A million kudos to you...I knew it had to be something obvious, which just made the search more annoying! Thank you!
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    In my experience, MR usually stands for "May Repeat" or "Mental Retardation". In your case, it's "May Repeat"