Mayo Summer III - evaluation and honest advice please!

  1. Hi All,

    I am a Student Nurse with two semesters left after the one I am currently in. I have recently heard about the Mayo Summer III internship via my nursing instructor and I've really thought about it seriously. However, looking here on AllNurses has made me doubtful as to how possible it really is for me, given how they receive 600+ applications and only pick 100 and require very "well rounded" people. I'm super busy this semester, but I know I should go after any real opportunity there is....

    My "Stats:"
    Good points: 4.0 GPA - but will be 3.9 something after this semester, I work as a Care Aide/CNA on the Cardiac floor of a hospital (I am frequently floated to other areas such as ICU, Medical, and Psych) & I have worked there for a year, previously I worked for 4 months at a nursing home as a CNA. I volunteer at a free healthcare clinic when I am home on vacation, I have previously volunteered at a food bank & the hospital and been a member of the school UNICEF club. I am a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society from my previous 2 year college. I used to work as a math & science tutor at my previous college. I'm an official member of my Student Nurses Association but hold no positions at this time (hoping to be class rep next semester).

    Bad/lame points: I am average student at clinic - not bad or lazy at all (helpful, take directions etc.), but apparently not outstanding enough to get any recognition with any clinical excellence award etc. No real leadership or special community work to speak of. I'm hopefully/probably going to be a member of the Sigma Theta Tau nursing honor society, but my application will be submitted before they pick members from my class. I haven't done any amazingly interesting things such as gone on a Nursing abroad trip to Honduras etc.

    I'm from Seattle, Washington, but I go to Northern Michigan University. I heard that they like to have some people from areas outside of MN so I'm hoping this works in my favor.

    My questions are as follows:
    To any and all former Summer III accepted applicants, what were your stats, or if you'd prefer, do you think my stats give me a real, true chance for acceptance?
    Are there any tips for the essay portion? I worry that mine will never be strong enough, even though I'm a decent writer. Are there any guidelines I should follow? For example, do you think its okay to include a brief inspirational nursing quote that speaks to me or is that too cheesy/unprofessional?
    Lastly, are there any similar internships for students still in nursing school that anyone knows of?

    Any and all thoughts are so greatly appreciated!!! :redpinkhe
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  3. by   mattersoftheheartRN
    I just applied last night and I was wondering who else had applied for Summer 2012. I also have two semesters to go.