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I am about to enter the 1st semester of an ADN program and I'm curious how others with families manage home life. I'm married with 4 children, a 13 y.o. son, a 9 y.o. son, a 5 y.o. daughter and a 1... Read More

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    Quote from GrnTea
    I'm a great believer in having kids do more around the house. A four year old can set the table, and this leads the way to participating in the household at a higher level when s/he grows.
    A six-year-old can throw laundry in the machine, add premeasured soap packets, and push the start button, then throw the wet things in the dryer and push the button. The advantage to that is that as they get older, there is no fuss over, "I don't have anything clean to wear!" because the answer is (and you will only have to say it once), "And whose fault is that?" It might be a little late for the 13-yr-old, but now is the time to say she takes complete responsibility for her own clothing; teach her how to iron a shirt and how to load a washer if she doesn't know already.
    An eight-year-old can form hamburger patties and fry them, and put a package of frozen peas in the microwave, and pour the milk. Mine made their own sandwiches for school from first grade onward.
    All of this while they see their mom working hard for school and doing a lot around the house too. Builds a foundation for a strong family when everyone works together to accomplish a goal.
    Times a million!!

    I have an 8 and 7yr old and they both have chores. They help do dishes, sort and fold laundry, vacuum, take care of the dog, help their dad in the yard, etc etc etc. If it doesn't require a lot of elbow grease or precision, they can do it! It helps me keep the house tidy and it helps teach them to become functioning members of society. What woman wants to marry a man who can't load a dishwasher or clean his own underwear? I'm training up men that I can be proud of.