Male student nurse long sleeves under scrub top question

  1. I am about to start an Accelerated BSN (2nd Bachelor Degree) program through Midwestern State University. The program will require me to wear long sleeves under my scrubs because I have tattoos down both arms. My question is, do any male nurse's have suggestion for long sleeves under scrub tops? I get hot really easy and the school requires them to be white.
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  3. by   JadedCPN
    I'm not sure why this is addressed to only male nurses since there are female nurses that have sleeve tattoos too
    If you google "tattoo sleeve covers," you'll see a variety of products that offer just sleeves, not the rest of the shirt, specifically for tattoo cover up. Both myself and my husband use it to cover our tattoos when needed, and it is a lot cooler than wearing a full long sleeve shirt underneath.
  4. by   rhoads22
    Sorry, I wasn't trying to offend anyone or anything like that. I just thought it may be easier to direct my question towards male nurses. How do those sleeves stay up? I pretty much have full sleeves down both arms.
  5. by   Scottishtape
    We have a guy who has a full armful of tattoos. He got this white sleeve that goes from wrist to shoulder, in the same material that's used for workout gear. Worked like a charm for him.

    ETA: The sleeve is elastic so it stays up on its own.