1. Does anyone know any good LPN-BSN programs that don't take an eternity to complete? any help will be gladly accepted. Thanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Each university has general education requirements that you must fullfill. My BSN program was part of the School of Arts and Sciences and had a very specific set of requirements that had to be fullfilled for the degree outside of the nursing classes. When you are getting a BSN it is not just the nursing. You are getting a general college education. I recommend that you start taking general education requirements at a JC because most of them will transfer to most universities without a hitch. You will have to check out the individual universities to see if any with nursing programs will be willing to grant you transfer credit for your LPN training. My guess is that they probably won't, but that is only my opinion and not based on any fact. As someone who went the ADN to BSN route I would recommend that since you know you want a BSN, go to a school that offers that and don't even consider getting an ADN in between because it will only delay you longer. Do you have any particular BSN school in mind?