Losing passion

  1. Im a final year nursing student graduating this feb and starting work in mar. I was really passionate about nursing before and was very sure that i wanted to be a nurse. As i was having my final clinical placement(now), i feel so inadequate. I kept making mistakes and i feel so lousy. I feel like i cant give my patients the best and im not good enough to be a nurse. Now im not even sure if i want to be a nurse after i graduate. Help! I feel so demoralised! :'(
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  3. by   dsb_fam
    Don't give up! I really believe the fact you are worried about making mistakes or being incapable is a good thing. This will give you the humility to ask for help and not act like you know it all. Excellent nurses became excellent through caring for many patients. I don't think that nursing school is what makes someone an excellent nurse. I bet the greatest nurses are the lifelong learners who gather knowledge on a daily basis. The nurse that is willing to listen and learn with each new patient and experience.
  4. by   Racer15
    EVERYONE feels like this in the beginning. Real world nursing is different than school, and it takes a lot of time to feel confident with yourself.
  5. by   Lanesmama
    Being scared can be a good thing... if you are overconfident, you will make mistakes. If you are scared, you will do your best to not make mistakes and if... ah-hem... when you do, you will learn from them. That being said, if you really don't feel like this is the profession for you, then it may not be. If you are feeling this way because you are scared, take a deep breath. No one is perfect.