Los Angeles City College Winter/Spring 2018

  1. Hey starting this topic since I haven't seen any. Does any one have info on when they are sending out emails or letter on acceptance. I just got my email from Glendale and I didn't get in, they do lottery and unfortunately I wasn't lucky for this one. Hoping to get into LACC. GOOD LUCK everyone!
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  3. by   Nelly1993
    I got accepted into LACC's nursing program for spring 2018.
    I received a call earlier today confirming my acceptance!
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  4. by   mmn6807
    Congratulations! and best of luck! I wonder if they made all their calls today. My last hope is LAHC!! I got into MSMU but that's my last choice.
  5. by   mmn6807
    Question did you ever receive any emails from them?
  6. by   Nelly1993
    Thank you! My 1st choice was LACC so I am very happy with the outcome
    No, I did not receive any emails from them. The person on the phone said that I would receive something in the mail with further instructions.
  7. by   edithlton
    Anyone else get calls from LACC?
  8. by   edithlton
    Quote from mmn6807
    Question did you ever receive any emails from them?
    Hey did you get a call from LACC?
  9. by   RebeccaRN90
    Hey Everyone!

    Do you know if LACC is accredited by ACEN as well as CA State Board?
  10. by   mmn6807
    I cAlled them, I'm on the alternative list Praying I get in. What about you
  11. by   mmn6807
    Any one that is an alternate ?? If so have you got called?