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At least Once a week, I read something for class and realize that i already know it because of SVU! Anyone else notice this? Example: Misoprostol should not be used in women who are pregnant or... Read More

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    Law and Order SVU is great! Look into Criminal minds as well. For Psych it comes in handy

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    Quote from wooh
    Just don't learn how to start an IV from the episode where Benson is walked through starting one on Stabler's wife. Generally 90 degree angles are a bad idea for IVs.
    Worse than that was when Benson had to perform a thoracentisis on the medical examiner, Dr. Warner. Don't even try to challenge my SVU knowledge, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.
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    I put in all my IVs at a 90 degree angle. You mean to say this is not correct?
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    SVU is almost always on when I'm studying! I've seen every single episode, so some of them end up being background noise for me, but still - not a day goes by without SVU poppin' up on my TV.

    I love watching medical shows (even if they are fiction) because I am so fast to point out how WRONG something is when they do it incorrectly! Then I go to my book(s) and find out what the right answer is (if I didn't know it already), and then I remember it much better. As a bonus, I feel awesome that I found an error not everyone would be able to point out! Grey's is notorious for doing things wrong, and sometimes I just can't sit through that show at all.

    As far as House, I don't watch that show too often anymore, but when I would, I always follow up with "Medical Reviews of House" on Polite Dissent. The guy that runs that website is an MD and he does very thorough reviews on the medicine behind each episode. It's an awesome source of legitimate information - check it out if you haven't yet!
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    I did check out that site. I immediately checked out the lung transplant episode. A pair of lungs hanging out in a box magically staying alive with no fluids... I dont think so.

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