Last Day Of Fun-duh-mentals! Last Day Of Fun-duh-mentals! | allnurses

Last Day Of Fun-duh-mentals!


    I cannot explain the shear joy that is oozing from my pores that it is OVER!

    I have to say I had TONS of great experiences, some not so great, and met TONS of really neat students, LOL.

    A group of us went out for a drink and lunch after we finished and passed our final with flying colors, it was great fun.

    Now we have a week break! Wooooooooo

    LOOK OUT PHARM>> HERE WE COME!:tbsk:nbch::lghmky::rckn:
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    Good job
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    Yayyyyy congrats

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    Quote from StayinOnTheGrind
    Good job

    HEY OL PALLY! How is school for you?