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Last & final week of nursing boot camp!

  1. 0 Wow the time has finally come to close the book to this journey! Starting my last & final week of my LPN program TOMORROW! Final & med surg 4 ati monday & ati predictor thursday!!!!!! Pinning next week! Man these past 15 months have been HELL but its all been worth it. Failing RN school 2 years ago to finish this lpn program IS MY TESTIMONY! Already have a job lined up as soon as my boards are PASSED! Even though i beat myself up with past regrets, im proud that ive finally accomplished something that ive wanted. Plans are to work, work, work & work b/c mama needs a NEW DODGE CHARGER! Gotta retake my a&p since its 5 yrs old & another science class & then tackle the LPN-BSN BEAST program come fall 2014! Good luck to all those who are just starting & those who are almost @ the finish line! PRAY & WORK HARD! IT WILL PAY OFF! HAPPY NURSING JOURNEY!
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    Congrats on your accomplishments . I am starting my ADN program August 26 and I am so nervous especially about failing out. But as you have done, I will just get back up and dust myself off. Its so much pressure and proud that you have continued to go for your dream!!!!
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    You go, mama!!! Look for me in a new chevy camaro in a couple years! My poor PT Cruiser may not even get me through nursing school!
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    Thanks TNT365! Just take it 1 day @ a time! It will go by FASSSSSTTTTT!

    @ lorirn2b thanks! Honey my chevy malibu( call her brownsuga) has been acting crazy like the car CHRISTINE! We've been 2gether for 9 years & with having to put 360 miles A WEEK for the past 15 months AINT NO JOKE! All kinds of stuff done happened but WE STILL HOLDING ON LOL!