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    Another quick question... I am looking for a lab value quick reference cheat sheet to carry on me during clinical. I have one from one of my text books, but it's not as good as I would like it to be. I'm looking for one that is comprehensive for lab values of BMP, LFT, electrolytes, ABGs, CBC, urine analysis, differential WBC, cardiac enzymes, PT, INR, and PTT. I'd also like it to include problems, signs & symptoms, possible causes, and remedies/actions. Does anyone know of a resource that already exists? It would save me a lot of time in putting one together myself. Any recommendations are helpful!
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  3. by   AliNajaCat
    You know, I hear you about wanting to save time But putting one together yourself would pay far greater dividends in terms of actually learning the material.

    Great book: Laboratory Studies and Diagnostic tests with Nursing Implications by Joyce Lefever Mckee. It will make things a lot clearer to you.
  4. by   js2016
    I already have an old one I put together using my textbook, but it needs revision. I'm in an accelerated program and legitimately do not have time to re-do the quick reference guides I have already made. I'm looking for something that I can keep in my pocket to use when needed.
  5. by   oceanblue52
    Amazon has little cards with the reference values that you can hang behind your ID badge.
  6. by   LJR89
    Do you need a cheat sheet? If your not wanting to make one as a learning tool then I guess i would say I never needed to look them up at clinicals.

    When I would check lab results in the chart it would highlight any out of range and if I just wanted to see what the range was I just had to hover over or select the lab value I was having trouble remembering the range for.

    As far as signs/symptoms/causes I think it's worth your time learning those rather than just referencing a cheat sheet. Lab values are important to know too obviously, but can be tough to keep them all straight so I get why people want a reference but I'm not about spending even more money on materials I don't need lol