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Kudos in clinical!

  1. 0 Everyone seems to post negative stories about their clinical experiences, so I thought I would post a positive one.
    I'm in my final semester, so I'm completing an internship in neuro ICU instead of going to regular (med/surg) clinicals. I've been working with one preceptor for the past 2 months, and she's always been pretty nice, but haven't gotten a whole lot of feedback as far as how I'm doing.
    Well, yesterday I took 2 ICU patients on my own, with her just checking in with me once in awhile. At the end of the shift, I was tallying up one of my patient's I&O, and noticed it was way off (way more in than out). But, she'd been found in her house after being "down" with a stroke for approximately 3 days so I figured she was just dehydrated. My preceptor was busy, so I just ran my theory by the charge nurse, who said I was probably right, and it was a good catch. Later, the charge nurse told my preceptor, and said "wasn't that a good catch for her to make?" my preceptor wasn't surprised, she just said "oh, I know she's great!" :wink2: And I'm pretty sure neither of them knew I was listening, so it wasn't for my benefit... Yay!
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