Kindness and Knowledge: Good qualities to share with others.

  1. Greetings my fellow audience,

    I just wanted to start a thread today to share my positive experience.

    Just a little bit about me, I am currently pursuing my BSN, I am in my third semester, out of a total of eight semesters, and the cohort I am currently in has gone from a group of 24 to about a group of 15, we all have already become very close. My previous occupation before nursing school was a pharmacy technician for 3 years, I worked two jobs, one at a hospital and one at an infusion pharmacy that offered a Medicare respiratory program (which I lead). For those last 3 years, I have worked with amazing people, most of which are nurses, pharmacists, and pharmacy techs. ALL of them have shared their own bit of kindness, wealth of knowledge, and infinite amount of support that paved the path for me to nursing school. I have tried to share those same qualities with my cohort...and this is where my short story comes in...

    A woman in my class has a severe case of COPD. At one point, she was having attacks almost numerous times a day and was in and out of the hospital several times. During a time when she just got discharged from the hospital, she was courageous enough to come to class a few days after, as she needed to catch up...

    When our class was on lunch break, I could tell that she was having troubles and inquired if she was 'ok'. That is when she told me, she was having trouble breathing again because of a lack of an inhaler. She went on to say that she could not obtain an inhaler because the pharmacy was not processing her insurance properly and kept delaying giving it to her. Having been in the business of respiratory medications and dealing with insurances, I gave her a few bits of information she could use to tell the pharmacy in regards to processing her insurance correctly and if that step did not work, she should go straight to the pharmacy manager.

    Heeding my advice, I heard the week after that she had re-visited the pharmacy and though they did have troubles at first with her insurance, she had immediately raised the concern to the pharmacy manager and they had completed the transaction perfectly for her and found the root of the problem so she would not bump into this problem again.

    But the most rewarding of all of this was...the woman voiced how grateful she was for small bit of help and that she would never forget how caring I was towards her.

    This is exactly why I am pursuing nursing(and excited about it). To know that I can help anyone from any walk of life with their well being. Plus, I could pass onto them the knowledge I know so that they can take better care of themselves as well.

    I wrote this because I hope this can remind anyone that every small gesture of kindness can brighten anyone's day and that knowledge is most definitely power.

    Thank you for your time.
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