Keys to Studying better using your Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic talents - page 2

Ever had that moment when you are trying to study and you find that no matter what you do things just are not sticking? Or you can't remember them when that big test come around? Like me, you... Read More

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    This is a great post! for me, I am a Tactile/Kinesthetic learner the most, followed quite distantly by visual learner.

    I 2nd Baxtell's advice on getting a whiteboard (for all you Tactile learners), I got my self a small portable whiteboard last year during my Physiology class and just drew and erased everything over and over and over again till i knew it like my phone number. My grades improved significantly.

    I am excited for my nursing clinicals because that's when us Tactile/Kinesthetic learners get to shine!

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    Wow, thanks for this. I just found out through this little quiz that I am a visual learner (which I knew). Go figure because I can easily remember things when I write down things, highlight the key ideas and even using flash cards.
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    This confirmed what I've always suspected - I'm a visual learner! Unfortunately, writing everything down in patho is just impossible, my poor wrists are so miserable as-is! Thanks for posting this, it's very helpful.

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