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  1. Hello, I am now looking at Kaplan College in San Diego. It's not my first choice. However, I am number 444 on a community college's wait list and I'm too old to wait 2 more years to start. Can anyone tell if being a respiratory therapist and having lots of recent college credit will significantly reduce the total cost, and shave time off the program at Maric, now called Kaplan? Lastly, does Kaplan have much of a wait list? Thank you! Johnicon_roll
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  3. by   robynnelpnstudent
    Hey, I actually go to Kaplan in Omaha, Nebraska. Kaplan has a lot more hands-on experience and more one-on-one time with your instructors. Kaplan is a little more pricey than some community colleges, but with their accelerated programs you can be done with your education in no time! Good luck with your education!!
  4. by   JaninAZ
    Thank you, but one thing. Kaplan College's nursing program is not just "a little more pricey" than some community colleges. We are talking about $4K verses $40K! I realize that I will be buying what is essentially a non-transferable ADN. However, I can't wait 2 more years on the C.C. wait list. I figure every year I'm not an RN is a year I'm not making $60K, or better. Regards, John
  5. by   Misti619
    Hey John... Im in the same boat. Waiting lists here are 3-4 yrs and Im 34. I made the decision to go to Kaplan in San Diego and will hopefully start this January. There are ways around the non transferable credits. Once you are finished with Kaplan, you can start working as a nurse and then continue (online or campus) with classes through National University to get your BSN. Kaplan's credits transfer to National. Then, should you choose to decide to continue with Master's, you can go wherever. They made it sound like it would only shave $6k off of the tuition if you are finished with all of your prereqs. Hey, at $50k, anything off is better than nothing. Also, remember that you will likely be elegible for grants and such. Scholarships are everywhere for nursing students, as well. Plus, as you stated, its worth it for me to be working making $60k + a year for the years that I would have been sitting on the waiting list. When I think of it like that, it pretty much pays for itself.
    The whole program is 20 months, regardless of what you have or havent done. If you have done the prereqs, your semesters will just be MUCH lighter. Kaplan starts clinicals in the FIRST semester, so they want you to have at least 6 months of medical experience before starting, so your resp. therapy will help get you in.

    Hope this helps

  6. by   lisak218
    Did you start the program? Did you have to wait, or did you get in right away? I hear there is still a year long waitlist.

  7. by   thuynh1984
    I am trying to get into the RN program for Sept 2009. Can any of you tell me if I could get in the program through your experience beucase the anxiety is killing me? I sent all my paperwork in before the due date. My Teas score was 80 and wonder test was 25. I have a BS and completed all the pre-reqs. Do I get a call, a letter, or an email telling me if I am accepted into the program.