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  1. So after reading a few threads and seeing that there are some BSN graduates who have not found jobs after year or more out of nursing school (I've stopped reading them after a pretty bad anxiety attack), I'm worried and I am stressed out that I'm going to find myself in the same boat. I won't graduate until winter of 2015 with my BSN and I'm just really curious as to how bad the job prospects are out there for new BSN grads? What stresses me out even more is that I have a plan mapped out for my nursing career- ICU nursing for 3-5 years then apply to CRNA school- I'm just very worried that my plan isn't going to happen and I can't seem to come up with a Plan B. I've been told to stop worrying and stressing b/c things can change.

    Any thoughts from anyone who will be graduating around 2015-2016? Thoughts from current nurses and new grads who have landed jobs?
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  3. by   missnurse01
    It really depends on your location. What do the new grads from your program say about job prospects? You may have to work quite far from home for your first job until you get a year or so under your belt to transfer closer. You just do what you have to do. We have a bunch of cali transplants that have been new grads for us over the last 4 years-all b/c they couldn't find new grad jobs down there.

    you will find a job, eventually-you may have to broaden your area, or just find a job and completely move a state away or whatever. Also doing the working as a tech in the hospital helps build bridges, as well as volunteer work, etc.

    good luck
  4. by   kaydensmom01
    ADN's and BSN's have no problem finding a job immediately after passing NCLEX around here, maybe not first choice positions.
    No I wouldn't worry about it b/c it is out of your control and is still 2+ years away.
  5. by   pco8
    I'm hoping that I won't have any issues finding a job after I pass the NCLEX. I live in Dallas and there are several major hospitals by me that are less than 5 miles - Baylor, UT Southwestern, Parkland, Medical City, Children's - and then there's the Texas Health, Methodist systems. I'm just hoping that there's something in those hospitals waiting for me upon graduation. I plan on to start volunteering at one of the hospitals next spring just to kind of get my foot in the door.