Jeff Davis vs. PJC...Can anybody help???

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    Is anybody attending/or has anybody attended Jeff Davis CC in Alabama or Pensacola Junior College? I wanted to get some oppinions about the schools as I'm trying to decide which one is the better one to attend. I've heard some real horror stories about PJC, and have lately heard some great things about Jeff Davis, but I just don't have a lot of insight as to what the difference between the programs are.
    I wish there were a "rate my professors" site for nursing programs!! Somebody should invent
    Anyways, any help or opinions are appreciated!!:bowingpur


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    im going to pjc and whateve ryou hear about the school is probably right. i haev a friend who will eb going to JD and she seems happy. i WISH i never started at pjc.
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    What semester are you in now?
    What is it that you don't like about PJC?
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    2nd semester. a lot of it is basically self study. theres a few other things i dont agree about the school.
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    Can you elaborate? I'd like to know as much as I can so I can make the most informed decision.
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    you will self study, and probably still not do so great on the test. intro wasnt a problem, its the classes after that. the summer courses are smooshed together, making it almost impossible to do anything outside of school other than school work. i was actually told to get tested to see if i had a dissability because i wasnt getting good grades on the test, well, neither was atleast half the class... the last class average was a 62. i guess we all have a dissability :P just search your options. i may be transferring to jeff davis, i have heard good thigns about that college from others who have transferred.

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