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Intake and Output Question

  1. 0 Could someone please explain to me whether or not you count pudding as an intake? I learned once that if it melts, it is to be counted as a fl oz. So does pudding count? The reason I ask this is because on a test question, we were to add up the total of fl oz. in mLs. and I believe I did add pudding to the total. Thanks sooo much!
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    I say no.

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    Looks like the consensus is no (link) pudding is not counted as intake. Good question, though!
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    Thanks so much for the quick relies! I also appreciate the had some good info!
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    On a liquid diet, pudding is considered a liquid, no?

    Just like Jello is ok for a clear liquid diet.

    I think in practice it may not be counted but on a test I would have measured it as intake. I think I'm going to ask my professor this when I see what she says.
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    Pudding does not count. It is not liquid at room temp. I wish we could count what someone can drink through a straw as liquids!
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    At my clinical site, pudding IS intake. and so is geltain (Jello). This is like how ice cream is considered intake.
    But it might be different wherever you go???